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En un articulo escrito en el Washington Times sobre nuestros letreros en Espanol, la Senadora Democrata Kay Hagan dice que refuta los ataques en su contra y que “mis amigos en la comunidad entiendan la diferencia” entre ella y su oponente.

Me esta costando bastante trabajo entender como es que somos amigos. Los amigos confian en si mismos. Se apoyan el uno al otro. Existe el respeto mutuo en una amistad. La Senadora Kay Hagan ha comprobado que ella no tiene nada de eso para la comunidad latina. 

Numero 1: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan en el 2006 cuando voto para prohibirle a los indocumentados poder sacar una licencia de conducir? 

Numero 2: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan en el 2010 cuando voto en contra del Dream Act? 

Numero 3: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan en la navidad del 2012 cuando Maria Juana Perez, una madre soltera de 2 hijas ciudadanas sin record criminal, toco su puerta para pedir que intercediera y detuviera su deportacion? 

Numero 4: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan hace poco cuando voto en contra de la Accion Diferida (DACA)? 

Senadora Kay Hagan: Esta no es una amistad. Esta es una relacion abusiva. Una en la cual usted se ha aprovechado de nuestra lealtad, unidad, y respeto como comunidad. Y ya no lo permitiremos mas. 


Photo by Peter Eversoll

In a recent article by the Washington Times about our Spanish billboard campaign, Senator Hagan is said to “refute the attack and calls on “all my friends in the community to understand the difference” between herself and Thom Tillis.”

I’m having a hard time understanding how we’re friends. You see, friends trust each other. Friends have each other’s back. There is mutual respect in a friendship. Senator Hagan has proven she has none of those things for the latino community.

1. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in 2006 when she voted to take away driver licenses from our community? 

2. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in 2010 when she voted against the Dream Act? 

3. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in Christimas of 2012 when Maria Juana Perez, a single mother of two US citizen girls, knocked on her door to ask for her to intervene in her deportation? Senator Hagan opened the door right before calling the police on Maria Juana and her family and friends. Our friend Kay Hagan didn’t care that Maria Juana’s two young daughters had missed school to plead that she help keep their mother home. 

4. Where was our friend Kay Hagan this year when she voted against DACA? 

Senator Hagan: This isn’t a friendship. This is an abusive relationship. One in which you have taken our trust, unity, and respect for granted for too long. And we are done. 

Ya firmaste la peticion? La comunidad de Wendell ya la firmo!

Ellos apoyan la propuesta 786 que daria permisos de manejo a la comunidad indocumentada. Que dices, te unes tu tambien a apoyar? Para empezar, firma la peticion haciendo click aqui! Despues, haz una llamada al lider de la camara de representantes de Carolina del Norte, Thom Tillis.

Llama al 919-733-3451 y di lo siguiente:

“Hi, I’m calling to ask Representative Tillis to support HB786. Please pass HB786 so I can legally drive again. Thank you.”

Tell NC lawmakers to let undocumented immigrants drive again:

Tell NC lawmakers to let undocumented immigrants legally drive again:

José Rico (919) 802-0508

Cowards in the General Assembly Propose Bill Attacking Children
NC DREAM Team vows to stop the attacks on undocumented youth

RALEIGH, NC—Although not a single “restrictionist” bill in the General Assembly has addressed the biggest employers of undocumented immigrants in the state—state farms—several bills have attacked school children and college students. By proposing HB 744, a bill that would force students to reveal their status to school officials, North Carolina legislators are telling undocumented immigrants working and living in our state that they are good enough to pick its residents’ food, but not good enough to sit next to them in class.

“Our communities are under attack,” said Viridiana Martinez, an undocumented immigrant who has been an active fighter for immigrant rights. “We will expose this nasty bill and everyone behind it.”

Anti-immigrant groups frequently lament the 1982 Supreme Court decision of Plyler V. Doe, which protects the right of undocumented students to attend public education through high school. However, legislators in the segregationist South have begun to find new ways to direct their prejudice at school children. The Alabama State Senate passed a bill that would ban undocumented immigrants from attending extracurricular activities like prom and afterschool sports. NC Republicans also refused to make an exception in the Matricula Consular bill, HB 33, for educators to accept the Matricula to identify the parents of children at the school, both citizen and non-citizen.

Earlier this month, US Department of Education had to remind school districts of their obligation to provide an equal education to undocumented immigrant children. The DOE released a letter (co-signed by the Department of Justice) stating that “Recently, we have become aware of student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation, or lead to the exclusion, or students based on their or their parents’ or guardians’ actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status. These practices contravene Federal law.”

Requiring children to register their immigration status with their schools will inevitably result in discrimination, harassment or exclusion. Plain and simple, the legislators who support these bills are unprincipled cowards.

After a 64-53 vote, HB 33 has moved on to its third reading in the North Carolina General Assembly. HB 33 would ben the Matricla Consular ID issued by the Mexican Consulate.

Yesterday, Rep. Paul Leubke (D-Durham) proposed an amendment that would allow parents to use the Matricula when interacting with the public school system. The NCGA decided to turn school secretaries into immigration officers and rejected the amendment. Those parents with children in the public school system, many of whom are U.S. citizens, will now be forced to abandon their children at the school house door.

Since undocumented children have the right to public education under the Supreme Court ruling Plyler V. Doe (1982), the NCGA’s move to harass their interaction with the public school system demonstrates yet another reason why immigration is not the prerogative of state governments. HB 33 is motivated by mean-spiritedness, idiocy or downright racism.

Find your legislator and call them right now. But here are some priority targets (via Latin American Coalition & Adelante NC):

Danny McComas, 919-733-5786. Thank him for opposing HB 33 yesterday and ask him to Oppose it today too.

Jeff Barnhart, 919-715-2009. Thank him for opposing HB 33 yesterday and ask him to Oppose it today too.

Tim Spear, 919-715-3029. Tell him you’re disappointed in his vote for HB 33 yesterday and ask him to Oppose the bill today.

Chuck McGrady, 919-733-5956,

Glen Bradley, 919-733-5860,

Representative George Cleveland (R – Onslow) has introduced HB 11, a bill that would ban undocumented immigrants from North Carolina’s public universities and community colleges. The NC DREAM Team is asking for opponents of this bill to call Speaker Thom Tillis (R – Mecklenburg) and urge him to prevent the bill from making it to the House floor (call 919-733-3451).

Yesterday a member of the NC DREAM Team sent an e-mail expressing their disappointment in the legislation. “It is saddening that one of our state’s representatives would go out of their way to deny a segment of our state’s population the right to educate and better themselves,” said Ian Smith-Overman, the member who sent the e-mail. “I believe your decision to sponsor this bill is short-sighted at best and vindictive at its worst.”

Rep. Cleveland responded within five hours. “I find it revolting that an American thinks that we should financially support people that cannot legally work in this country through taxpayer subsidized education,” he said. “If you feel so strongly about this issue find an illegal and pay for their education at a private university.”

The response from Rep. Cleveland demonstrates that he is not aware that the North Carolina Department of Revenue collects income tax from undocumented immigrants using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, or ITINs, which have been issued by the Internal Revenue Service since 1996. The NC DREAM Team believes that undocumented immigrants not only have a right to attend public post-secondary education in North Carolina, but should also only pay in-state tuition as tax-paying state residents.

While the North Carolina economy depends heavily on immigrant labor, particularly in the agriculture and meat-processing industries, the state has continued to march toward policies that harass the communities working in those industries or prohibit their economic advancement through education. In the past ten years, agreements between immigration officials and local police departments that expand police power such as 287(g) and Secure Communities have continued to proliferate across the state; drivers’ licenses are no longer issued to immigrants without visas; and undocumented youth who most often had no say in their migration to North Carolina as minors are forced to pay out-of-state tuition and register last in community colleges.

Yesterday we demonstrated our vigilance for education rights in front of the NC Legislature. The legislature has answered by following South Carolina and Georgia and proposing to ban undocumented youth from community colleges and universities. The new legislature is wasting no time in showing that recreating a two-tiered society in America is one of its top priorities.

This is nothing short of segregation. This state collects tax revenue from undocumented immigrants using ITINs issued by the IRS, which gives them a material right to the seats in class they have paid for. But before that, they have a right to be educated as human beings.

Our state insists on using undocumented immigrant labor and taxing undocumented immigrant wages, but also claims that undocumented immigrant youth cannot sit in the classroom.

Call House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) at 919-733-3451 and ask him why tax-paying, hard-working immigrant youth shouldn’t be allowed to go to college in North Carolina. Tell him you never want to see this bill make it to the floor.


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