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In a recent article by the Washington Times about our Spanish billboard campaign, Senator Hagan is said to “refute the attack and calls on “all my friends in the community to understand the difference” between herself and Thom Tillis.”

I’m having a hard time understanding how we’re friends. You see, friends trust each other. Friends have each other’s back. There is mutual respect in a friendship. Senator Hagan has proven she has none of those things for the latino community.

1. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in 2006 when she voted to take away driver licenses from our community? 

2. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in 2010 when she voted against the Dream Act? 

3. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in Christimas of 2012 when Maria Juana Perez, a single mother of two US citizen girls, knocked on her door to ask for her to intervene in her deportation? Senator Hagan opened the door right before calling the police on Maria Juana and her family and friends. Our friend Kay Hagan didn’t care that Maria Juana’s two young daughters had missed school to plead that she help keep their mother home. 

4. Where was our friend Kay Hagan this year when she voted against DACA? 

Senator Hagan: This isn’t a friendship. This is an abusive relationship. One in which you have taken our trust, unity, and respect for granted for too long. And we are done. 


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