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Despite his medical condition and the recent announcement by President Obama, ICE has refused to release Pastor Jose Armando. On the contrary, they have planned to deport him tomorrow. We need your support to keep him home! 


Take Action!

Call Farmville Field Office at (434) 395-8114

Sample Script: “Hi, my name is __________. I am calling to ask that you stop the deportation of Pastor Jose Armando Siliezar (Alien # 070-970-605). Pastor Jose Armando is a servant of the community through the church he founded, International Ministry the Verb in Action in Benson, North Carolina. Pastor Jose Armando fears for his life if he is deported. Please stop his deportation now!”

After you call, spread the word to 5 of your friends and encourage them to make a call also! Thanks so much for your support!

You can also take action by signing this online petition:


Photo by Peter Eversoll

En un articulo escrito en el Washington Times sobre nuestros letreros en Espanol, la Senadora Democrata Kay Hagan dice que refuta los ataques en su contra y que “mis amigos en la comunidad entiendan la diferencia” entre ella y su oponente.

Me esta costando bastante trabajo entender como es que somos amigos. Los amigos confian en si mismos. Se apoyan el uno al otro. Existe el respeto mutuo en una amistad. La Senadora Kay Hagan ha comprobado que ella no tiene nada de eso para la comunidad latina. 

Numero 1: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan en el 2006 cuando voto para prohibirle a los indocumentados poder sacar una licencia de conducir? 

Numero 2: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan en el 2010 cuando voto en contra del Dream Act? 

Numero 3: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan en la navidad del 2012 cuando Maria Juana Perez, una madre soltera de 2 hijas ciudadanas sin record criminal, toco su puerta para pedir que intercediera y detuviera su deportacion? 

Numero 4: Donde estaba nuestra amiga Kay Hagan hace poco cuando voto en contra de la Accion Diferida (DACA)? 

Senadora Kay Hagan: Esta no es una amistad. Esta es una relacion abusiva. Una en la cual usted se ha aprovechado de nuestra lealtad, unidad, y respeto como comunidad. Y ya no lo permitiremos mas. 

Photo by Peter Eversoll

In a recent article by the Washington Times about our Spanish billboard campaign, Senator Hagan is said to “refute the attack and calls on “all my friends in the community to understand the difference” between herself and Thom Tillis.”

I’m having a hard time understanding how we’re friends. You see, friends trust each other. Friends have each other’s back. There is mutual respect in a friendship. Senator Hagan has proven she has none of those things for the latino community.

1. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in 2006 when she voted to take away driver licenses from our community? 

2. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in 2010 when she voted against the Dream Act? 

3. Where was our friend Kay Hagan in Christimas of 2012 when Maria Juana Perez, a single mother of two US citizen girls, knocked on her door to ask for her to intervene in her deportation? Senator Hagan opened the door right before calling the police on Maria Juana and her family and friends. Our friend Kay Hagan didn’t care that Maria Juana’s two young daughters had missed school to plead that she help keep their mother home. 

4. Where was our friend Kay Hagan this year when she voted against DACA? 

Senator Hagan: This isn’t a friendship. This is an abusive relationship. One in which you have taken our trust, unity, and respect for granted for too long. And we are done. 

Viridiana Martinez

Basta! Enough with Senator Hagan’s Attacks on Immigrants

Press Conference Planned for Thursday at 5:30pm

Durham, NC- Immigrant youth, parents and their supporters will be holding a press conference at 5:30pm on Thursday, October 23rd to unveil a billboard campaign.

North Carolina residents will no longer sit silently as Senator Kay Hagan continues to attack immigrants.

In 2006, then State Senator Hagan voted to take away drivers licenses from immigrants. In 2010, Senator Hagan voted against the DREAM Act. A few weeks ago, Senator Hagan voted to eliminate DACA.

Enough is enough.

The press conference will begin promptly at 5:30pm at 3500 Hillsborough Rd, Durham, NC 27705.

We invite members of the press to join us.





Hello friends –

Last week, Senator Kay Hagan joined the republicans and voted to kill DACA. Read more about it here:

In an effort to hold her accountable, we are fundraising to put up a bulletin in the Raleigh/Durham area. We want to spread the word that Senator Hagan wants to kill DACA. Can you make a contribution to help us make it happen?

We need 160 donations of $25 to meet our goal of $4000. Click on this link to make your contribution: Then spread the word! Encourage your friends to make a donation of $25. The more the word spreads, the closer we get to our goal!

Thanks so much for your help!

1614391_705758532809052_809509160_oLil Chuy is an undocumented and unafraid artist from the Bull City. He dedicates this song to President Obama #DeporterinChief who wants to deport the #USRefugeeKids and continues separating families every day. 


Media Contacts


Sergio Tabora

Cell: (910) 584-3318 or (919) 559-4232


Jannet Lopez

Cell: (910) 584-3257


Viridiana Martinez

NC Dream Team

Cell: (919) 704-0599


Benson Community Caravan to Charlotte Calling for the Release of Pastor Jose Armando Siliezar

Caravan leaving Benson will be escorted by Benson Police Department, Rally and vigil will be held in the evening outside of Mecklenburg County Jail

Benson, NC – Pastor Jose Armando Siliezar-Sevilla (Inmate #438743), leader of the Ministerio Internacional El Verbo en Accion, and father of a 15-year-old U.S. citizen is detained at Mecklenburg County Jail. After nearly a month of not having heard from him, his family recently found out through a third party that he had a toe amputated while in custody due to his diabetes. The Benson community, his church, and family are calling for the release of Pastor Jose Armando as further detention puts his health at risk.


On June 3rd, 2014 immigration officers knocked on his door at 6 in the morning and handcuffed him in the presence of his family, including his US citizen son Josmar who is depressed since his father was taken into custody. ICE says Pastor Jose Armando lied about his criminal background in an application to adjust his immigration status. But Pastor Jose Armando’s only crime was accepting guidance from the attorney who advised him not to provide information on his criminal background.


A caravan of Pastor Jose Armando’s church, family, and supporters will be traveling to Charlotte for a rally and vigil outside of Mecklenburg County Jail where he is held.


What: Rally and Vigil


Where: Mecklenburg County Jail


Address: 801 E. 4th St., Charlotte, NC 28202


Time: 6 pm


When: Wednesday, July 9th, 2014


Who: Ministerio Internacional el Verbo en Accion (Pastor Jose Armando’s Congregation) will be joined by at least eight other congregations from across North Carolina.

We invite members of the press to join us and interview Pastor Jose Armando’s family.


Pastor Jose Armando first came to the United States in 1989 looking for a better life and settled in California. There he worked as a construction worker but the money wasn’t enough to pay the bills. Desperate to make ends meet, he became involved in drug dealing. In 1993, he was charged and convicted of drug possession and served time for two and a half years. After completion of his time in state prison, he was deported to Mexico despite being a Honduran National. That same year, Jose Armando returned to the United States with his mind set on a better life based on the word of God. For the past 17 years, Pastor Jose Armando has been a religious mentor and beloved community leader in Benson, North Carolina.

For more information on Pastor Jose Armando’s case, visit the online petition at



The NC DREAM Team is the first undocumented youth led group in North Carolina. We are undocumented and unafraid.


ICE and the Office of the US Attorney are fully aware of Pastor Jose Armando’s medical condition. The open wound on his foot got infected in detention and it did not heal. For nearly a month his family new nothing of him until they recently found out one of his toes was amputated. He is not a threat to the public. On the contrary, his church and community need him home as he is both a beloved religious and community leader. Why is he still detained?



After you sign and share the online petition calling for his release, make sure you call the US attorney’s office. Tell them to release Pastor Jose Armando immediately!

Call US Attorney Eric Holder’s Office – Raleigh @ (919) 856-4530

Call Charlotte ICE @ (704) 248-9605

Sample Script: 
“Hi, I’m calling for the release of Pastor Jose Armando (Inmate # 438743) from Mecklenburg County Jail. Pastor Jose Armando’s toe was amputated while in custody. He needs treatment not detention! Why is he still detained??



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