Let’s Bring Some Attention to the Injustices at the El Paso Detention Center: Make a Call & Ask for a Full Review!

It is alarming to hear of numerous instances where immigrants are being detained at the El Paso Detention Center despite the fact that they do not pose any security risk, are not a flight risk, and their detention IS contrary to the public interest of the United States.

Stand in solidarity for a day with the men and women detained at El paso Detention Center and help us get the word out.



Sign the petition: http://action.dreamactivist.org/epcreview/


1. Call Rep. O’Rourke @ 915-541-1400 &

“Hi, I was calling to ask the member to take a look at the injustice going on at the El Paso ICE center. This center is in the members district. There are a great many immigrants being held here despite already being approved for release months ago. Will the member of congress look into this issue?”

2. Call Acting Director John Sandweg @ 202-732-3000

“Hi, I was calling to ask for a full review of the El Paso Detention Center. It has recently come to light that a great many of the detainees inside are eligible for parole but have yet to be released. Please review the El Paso Detention Center!”