Bring Rocio Home! #Dream30

Rocio is from High Point, North Carolina. She was brought to the US when she was just 4 years old. Rocio graduated high school and aspired to continue her education. Almost 5 years ago, Rocio made the decision to self-deport to Mexico. Like many others before the DACA announcement last year, she felt her future was non existent because she could not pursue her dream of attending college. But it was harder than she expected.
Living in Mexico after growing up here was like going to live in a foreign country. And that’s not to mention the increasing crime and violence in Mexico. Rocio’s only aspiration is to come back home, reunite with her family, and contribute to her community.
Rocio was one of the #Dream30 who were denied credible fear. She could be deported at any moment. She needs your help to come back home to High Point, NC.

What you can do:

Make a Call to the following Immigration Reform Champions and tell them to #BringThemHome!

Senator Menendez at 202-224-4744
Congressman Becerra at 202-225-6235
Congressman Pastor at 202-225-4065