On September 10th, 2013, Charlotte community members will gather to urge Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to stop the deportation of Holman Acosta (A# 098-894-580), who is being held in an immigrant detention center in Georgia. Holman’s absence has placed an extreme financial strain on his family and the stress has triggered complications of his US citizen wife’s diabetes. 

In the early afternoon of June 30th, 2013, Holman was stopped at a check point while driving his stepson home from a soccer game. He was arrested when he was found driving without a license. Holman was turned over to ICE officials on August 2, 2013 and transferred to North Georgia Detention Center where he faces imminent deportation.

Leisha Acosta, Holman’s US citizen wife, suffers from diabetes and depression.  Due to the stress of Holman’s unnecessary detention, she has been losing sight in one of her eyes and is struggling to pay for her doctor bills.  In order to make ends meet, Leisha rarely takes sick days and works through lunch to provide for her family. Without Holman’s income, Leisha is barely keeping her head above water.

Additionally, Holman is the father to Leisha’s 3 US citizen children and grandfather to 1 US citizen grandchild, named Raheim.  He supports them financially and emotionally and provides stability in the home.  In Holman’s absence, one of Leisha’s sons has had to delay joining the Army to help care for the family.

“I need Holman home.  My health needs him home, my kids need him home.  His grandson thinks he’s away working.  Raheim needs his Papi home now,” Leisha said.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

TIME: 6:30 PM

WHERE: 4938 Central Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205

WHO: Organized by Holman’s family, with support from the Latin American Coalition, Familias Unidas and the NC DREAM Team

Petition: http://action.dreamactivist.org/northcarolina/holman