NC Undocumented Students to expose unjust treatment on college campuses

Raleigh, NC- On the day before classes begin, undocumented students will stage a sit-in to demand equal registration policies and in-state tuition at North Carolina Community Colleges and Universities. Community colleges like Wake Tech forced undocumented students to register a week after classes had started and charged the out-of-state tuition rate. Undocumented youth will take a stand and expose these unjust policies at Wake Technical Community College, the second largest community college in North Carolina. :

When: Thursday, August 15th at 2pm-6pm

Where: Wake Technical Community College, Main Campus,  9101 Fayetteville Road, Raleigh, NC

Who: Undocumented students in North Carolina

Despite residing in North Carolina for most of their lives and graduating from North Carolina high schools, undocumented students are severely limited in their access to higher education. The current policy states that undocumented students must pay out-of-state-tuition, are ineligible for federal financial aid, may not enroll into a program of study that leads to licensure, and priority is given to NC residents when registering for classes where capacity is an issue. This makes community college not only financially prohibitive, but also restricts the ability for undocumented students to complete their education. This is unjust and undocumented students are now forced to take drastic measures, putting themselves on the line for tuition equity.

These youth have dropped the fear that comes with  being undocumented. “My education is my priority and my future. Nothing else matters but having equal rights to an education.” Ulises Perez, 18,of Carrboro. They have decided to take control of their lives, “I can no longer leave my future in the hands of others, I am standing up for myself and my community by demanding the opportunity to realize my dream of becoming a  mechanical engineer.” urges Marco Cervantes, 19, of Chapel Hill.  these are two of the many voices that are affected by these discriminatory policies.

We demand the NC Community College System and UNC-System  revise their admissions’ policy and allow undocumented students to pay the in-state-tuition rate:

 MarcoliciousMy name is Marco Cervantes. I have lived in the college town of Chapel Hill for 18 years. I want to further my education in hopes of becoming an Engineer. With the realization that I didn’t have nine numbers I was forced to apply as an international/out-of-state student leaving me with little possibility of actually attending. With further investigation I found out that community colleges further scrutinize people like me by making us wait a week after the registration deadline and mandating their removal of a class that a “resident” wanted.

MarioMy name is Mario Valladares Salgado and I graduated from high school in 2005. That year I applied to Wake Tech. I was so excited, but two weeks later I received a letter saying that I was being denied because of my legal status. I cried and I couldn’t understand why I was being treated differently. I started working in fast food restaurants and construction and have done so for the past seven years. But today I have made the decision to take a stand because I want in-state tuition. I want to achieve my dream of becoming a chef and owning my own restaurant. I want in-state tuition now.

TomTom  My name is José Rico and I am undocumented student. I graduated from Millbrook High in 2008 with the hopes  of  becoming an engineer. I am a Wake Tech student who keeps being charge Out-of-Sate Tuition. I have lived in Raleigh, NC for the past decade, this is my home. I believe that ALL students should be treated equally and have an equally access to higher education. #OneStateOneRate!

CRuz has signMy name is Cruz Núñez. I am undocumented. I was brought to North Carolina when I was four. I started Kindergarten when I was five. I’m 17 and a senior at Chapel Hill High and when I graduate I am worried I won’t be able to go to college and study. I want to be an engineer, but school policy is that I have to pay out-of-state tuition even though NC is all I know, my home. I need in-state to fulfill my American Dream. This is not about immigration, this is an education issue.

IMG950025Hi my name Ulises Perez. I am an undocumented student from Carrboro, North Carolina. I have been living in North Carolina since I was four years old. I’ve always felt different from the people around because of my legal