The Dream 9 remain detained at Eloy Detention Center in Arizona. They have had their phone lines blocked, they went on a hunger strike and placed in solitary confinement. Currently, two women remain in solitary and one is on suicide watch. The situation grows more serious with each day that passes. 

While 34 Congresswo/men have signed a letter of support for the Dream 9, essentially asking President Obama to release them to their families, Congressman Mel Watt has been completely silent on the matter. Talk is cheap in times like these, when families continue to be separated and the Dream 9 are detained. 

For this reason, we are at Congressman Mel Watt’s office holding a sit in until we get a letter of support and a direct call to ICE. He has had two weeks to respond to the ask and we have not received an answer. This is unacceptable for a congressman who calls himself a friend to the immigrant community. 

Representative Mel Watt-
704.344.9950 and 202.225.1510

Sample Script:
“Hi I am calling Representative Watt to urge him to write a letter in support of the DREAM9 and make a direct call to ICE asking for their immediate release from detention. Luis Gustavo Leon of Marion, NC is one of the DREAM9 currently detained and we need to bring them home to reunite them with their families.”