Today, as part of a national effort of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, five deported DREAMers attemped to return home by presenting themselves at the Nogales Port of Entry. The DREAMers were joined by national immigrant rights’ activists Lizbeth Mateo, Marco Saavedra and Lulu Martinez who left this week in order to test the Obama Administration’s policy on deported immigrants. Luis Gustavo Leon of Marion, North Carolina is one of the DREAMers coming back home with them.
All 8 of the DREAMers were detained at the border and we need your help NOW so they can return home!
NOTE: We just got word that there is one more dreamer!
1. We need 10,000 calls, right now, demanding Sen. Durbin take a stand for the Dreamers and Bring Them Home.

Call Senator Durbin @ (312) 353-4952 or (202) 224-2152
“Hi, I was calling to find out why the member is going to just sit by and watch as the DREAMers, crossing the border in Nogales, are being arrested and deported. Does the member support undocumented immigrants or not?”

ICE Principal Legal Advisor Peter Vincent @ 202-732-5000
Hi, I was calling to ask that you release the DREAM 8 into the U.S. This is their home. Re-unite them with their family. Why is the Port Authority planning on arresting and deporting all of them?”
2. Attend a rally tomorrow to support Luis and the rest of the DREAM 8

In August of 2011, Luis graduated from McDowell High School. During his graduation he was awarded the Class Spirit Award as he was loved by all his teachers and classmates; he was a role model to them. Less than a month later, he decided to self deport to Mexico knowing that if he stayed in the US, he would not have the chance to continue with his education.

Those two years have not been easy for Luis. Not being able to stand being away from his family, he tried to come home in June 2012 when the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was announced. Luis never made it; he was caught by border patrol. The responding agent sympathized with him, and filed for DACA on his behalf, but saw it rejected. Luis was subsequently deported. Desperate to come home, Luis attempted to re-enter three more times, and failed on each attempt. We must allow him to come home to be with his mother, sister, and four brothers.

“I want my brother home, he deserves to be here with us and with his community that has seen him grow and whom he has given so much to” said Jair Leon, Luis’ younger brother. “Now it’s time for us to give back to him by fighting for his right to come back home.”