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My name is Enriqueta Martinez. I’ve lived in North Carolina for 1O years and I am undocumented. I have three children who qualify for what is deferred action. I came here in 2003 and got my driver’s license in 2004. I used my license to go to work and pick up my children from school. I will always remember the day I got a call from school because my son had an accident. Without thinking it twice I jumped in the car and drove to the school. On the way to school I got tailed by a cop. Probably because I look Latina, but my license plate said I had a license, so he didn’t even stop me since he knew I was licensed and he could not get away with pulling me over for no reason.

When I finally got to the school I was desperate and just wanted to see my son. The receptionist at the front desk told me she needed to see a state issued ID before I walked inside. Thank God I had my driver’s license.

In 2009 my license expired on my birthday. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I could not even leave my house, I thought that just by going outside a cop out there would be waiting for me. I became depressed, I began to miss work, and I even had to change my schedule to mornings so that my son could pick me up from work.

It’s been 4 years since my license expired and since then I’ve only driven like 7 or 8 times, only for emergencies. And when I got tailed by a cop during those times, I felt like my heart was about to split in two. Really, it’s a feeling I would not wish even on my own enemies. That’s why I decided to write this letter today. I have followed the proposal that will give us our licenses back. And most of all the controversy. I applaud all legislators who are putting their two cents. I’m not stupid, I know there are several things that are wrong, but it’s a start. And it’s not like the bad things are not happening already. I’ve been waiting for this day for four years. I’m tired of living like this and even more tired of listening to all the people against it. Most of them are not even illegal and obviously not in a million years will they be able to stand in my place and feel that desperation. So to them I say thanks but no THANKS. I want my LICENSE and I want it now!


An undocumented woman