Are you considering applying for Deferred Action? You can only do this once, so take your time and make sure you’ve got everything in order first. To help you navigate this process, we’ve put together a list of documents you’ll need as well as a list of attorneys that we endorse.

What documents are required?

List of documents in English:

-2 passport photos

-Copy of your birth certificate

-Proof of your presence in the United States on June 15, 2012

-Proof of your presence in the United States for the five years before June 15, 2012

-Proof of your presence in the United States before the age of 16

-Your entire school record/transcripts

-Your pediatrician or medical records

-Proof that you graduated high school, have your G.E.D., or proof that you are currently enrolled in school. If you do not yet have a diploma or G.E.D., you should work on enrolling in school as soon as possible.

-If you have *ever* been charged with any crime, you NEED TO SEE AN ATTORNEY and bring all records of the charge and its disposition

-list of work and addresses for last five years

Lista de documentos en espanol:

-2 fotos de tamaño pasaporte

-Copia de su acta de nacimiento

-Pruebas de que la persona estuvo dentro de US para esta fecha junio 15, 2012

-Pruebas de que la persona ha estado en este pais por los ultimos 5 anios (de junio 15, 2012 hacia atras)

-Pruebas de que la persona esuvo dentro de los Estados Unidos antes de los 16 anos

-Las transcripciones o records de la escuela

-Records medicos o records del pediatra

-Prueba de que se graduo de High School (diploma) o de su G.E.D. o prueba de que esta actualmente inscrito en la escuela. Si no tiene un diploma o G.E.D., se le recomienda inscribirse en una escuela lo mas pronto posible.

-Si ha tenido cargos criminales, necesita traernos todos los records de los cargos y como han sido resueltos.

-Lista de los trabajos y direcciones donde ha trabajado y ha vivido por los ultimos 5 anos.

Which attorneys do we recommend?

North Carolina Dream Team is part of the Dream Activist network, and they have compiled a list of attorneys who have consistently supported our work on behalf of undocumented immigrants over the last few years. We trust them to offer sound advice and to charge a reasonable fee for their services. We encourage you to consider hiring one of them if you need help with your application. Here is a link to that list:

What if you have a complaint about your attorney?

If you live in North Carolina and feel that you have been treated unfairly or have other concerns about your attorney, you may file a complaint at this website:

If you decide to hire an attorney who is not on our list, make sure to confirm that they are who they claim to be first. Enter their name at the following website. If they’re licensed to practice law in North Carolina, their name should come up: