image by Santiago G.

Following the undocuppation of OFA offices around the country, President Obama made an announcement saying that his administration will stop deporting undocumented youth who are between the ages of 16 and 30 and meet certain requirements. This is not the executive order we are asking for. Many are celebrating this announcement, calling it a temporary Dream Act. For others of us DREAMers, we’re calling it as we see it. It is only an announcement, one very similar to the past prosecutorial discretion announcement made last August and the Morton memo before that. These announcements have failed and less than 1% of those who can benefit from them have. We are not only skeptical, but plan to keep the president accountable. Actions speak louder than words.

image by our umbrella organization, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance

Check out what our team members think about yesterday’s announcement!

We’re not going to believe the president until we see it happen.. We’ve been down this road before. -Jose Rico (taken from the N&O)

Although it is good news, when read in its entirety, you find that it is full of obstacles which leads me to fear that very few Dream Act – eligible youth would benefit from it. This is not the immediate relief that DREAMers currently in deportation proceedings need in order to stay in the only home that they know. – Alicia Torres

While I see progress, this announcement still leaves much doubt. This is only an extension of prosecutorial discretion which has proven to be a failure for our undocumented community. It only gives space to local ICE officials to continue on their rogue behavior. I, as a documented ally, believe we should be critical and continue to hold the president accountable. – Elisa Benitez

image by V. Martinez