On Monday, June 4th, our umbrella organization, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, released the following statement in a press release:

“The National Immigrant Youth Alliance is calling for the President to issue an executive order to stop the deportation of DREAM Act-eligible youth. We simply cannot continue to allow our lives to be held up by petty partisanship and congressional gridlock.

We need the strength of an executive order to stop our deportations. Prosecutorial discretion has not stopped them; NIYA has continued to fight tooth and nail for many young people who meet the criteria to have their cases administratively closed under the June 17 Morton Memo. At present, NIYA is fighting over 30 active cases that meet these criteria..”

“..We hope that our call for an executive order has not fallen on deaf ears in the White House. If the Administration does not issue an executive order, we will be forced to respond with direct action in the coming days. The administration, by not taking action by means fully within its power, keeps our lives on hold. That position, for us, is no longer acceptable.”

image by J. Valas

As of today, the president has yet to file such executive order. We will not be ignored.

Sample Tweet: Sign the petition! http://action.dreamactivist.org/execorder. Tell Barack Obama to file an executive order to stop the deportation of DREAM Act youth!


image by Justin Valas

Watch LIVE now! And tell President Obama that it’s time he use his executive authority to halt the deportations of Dream Act – eligible youth!