Friends, Family, and Allies:

Uriel Alberto has gone on hunger strike inside the Wake County jail. ICE has refused to drop the hold up to this point. Yet, Cynthia Martinez and Estephania Mijangos were released on Thursday after their ICE holds were dropped. Uriel should also be released. He was arrested for speaking out to expose the anti-immigrant agenda of the house select committee on the State’s Role in Immigration Policy of which 8 of its 12 members are primary sponsors of anti-immigrant bills introduced right here in our home state of North Carolina. He has communicated that he will refuse to eat until ICE drops the hold and he is released. It has been over 96 hours since he started the strike. But, you see, Uriel is not alone.

Giovanna Hurtado 

Here in North Carolina, as in across the country, undocumented youth believe no one fights alone. Uriel came out “Undocumented and Unafraid” for his community, for us. And we will do the same for him. Member of the triad-based undocumented youth organization, El Cambio – Giovanna Hurtado – declared she too will refuse to eat until Uriel is released. She announced her decision to stand in solidarity with Uriel at last night’s vigil for Uriel in Winston Salem. Along with Giovanna, other El Cambio members including Wooten Gough, Weslyn Gough, Keren Salim, Mustafa Abdullah, and Silvia Rodriguez announced they too refuse to eat until Uriel is released.

You too can stand in solidarity with Uriel! Make sure to keep calling DC ICE at (202) 732-3000

Sample script: “Hi, I was calling to ask that ICE drop the hold on Uriel Alberto (A#089-828-718). According to president Obama, he should not be facing deportation because he is Dream Act eligible. He is the father of a US citizen child and sole caretaker of his sisters. He stood up for his community and should be back home with his family. Please drop the ICE hold NOW!”

Make sure to sign the petition asking ICE to release Uriel. Sign, share, and repost on your facebook wall.

Thank you for your support!