Please keep calling. We need your help!

(video courtesy of Josh Davis. View his Tumblr here)

Call Sen. Kay Hagan: (202) 224-6342

Call Rep. Brad Miller: (202) 225-3032

Call Rep. David Price: (202) 225-1784


“Hello, My name is__________, and I am calling on behalf of_________, with an A-Number____________.

(Cynthia Martinez: A#200-203-134, Estephania Mijangos: A#05-213-502, Uriel Alberto: A#089-828-718)

I am asking that, like Senators Reid and Durbin often do, please intervene on their behalf and ask ICE to drop the hold immediately. Thank you.”

Please check back in for further updates and ways to help us get the #Raleigh3 released immediately!

They stood up for undocumented youth everywhere; this is why they are being taken away from their lives and futures. They stood up for us; let’s stand up for them!