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Stop the attack on immigrant communities in NC

Misguided legislators are risking our state’s future and squandering its youth

RALEIGH—The NC DREAM Team strongly opposes the Select Committee on the State’s Role in Immigration Policy. The policies to be considered are not ones that will benefit our state.

“The state’s role in immigration is to let us live our lives, work and contribute,” said Viridiana Martinez, a member of the NC DREAM Team. “What do these old men gain by telling me I can’t go to school or that my family doesn’t have any rights at work? Nothing.”

In its first meeting, the select committee asked Sheriff Terry Johnson of Alamance County to speak on the benefits of the 287(g) program and the supposed impossibility of racial profiling. What he neglected to mention was that he is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for racial profiling. Not one of the members of committee raised the question.

Rep. Dale Folwell (R-Forsyth), who once told an NC DREAM Team member in the legislative building that he “didn’t have the balls to cal [him] a coward” is driven by a personal vendetta against undocumented students. He also intends to return discrimination to the NC Constitution with Amendment One, banning LGBTQ North Carolinians from marrying. He is a man obsessed with North Carolina’s past, and not its future.

We need a legislature that takes an honest look at the state’s future; not one that longs for the past. The fight may be long and hard, but we are young–we have time on our side.