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In a moment when North Carolinians are struggling for employment, education, housing, healthcare, violence-free communities, and clean water, self-interested legislators have decided to put a family discrimination constitutional amendment on the May 2012 ballot. Come, let’s mourn the hurt, understand the issues at stake with the amendment, and practice using relational organizing as a tool to build a broad-based movement. If we unite, we can defeat the amendment, strengthen our skills, and also deepen our relationships for the long haul. When the right-wing tries to take away anyone’s services or benefits, they’ll have all of us to reckon with.

All of Us North Carolina believes in fighting to win, with our eyes on the prize beyond the prize, using grassroots popular education. Southerners On New Ground is a Southern regional home for LGBTQ liberation across all lines of race, class, abilities, age, culture, gender, and sexuality. Immigrants and Allies for Justice brings together immigrants, students, workers, and families for a stronger progressive movement. The NC DREAM Team is an organization of undocumented immigrant youth and allies fighting institutionalized discrimination and exploitation of immigrant communities through a sustainable, community-led movement. Equality NC is a statewide group dedicated to securing equal rights and justice for LGBT people.

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Thanks for spreading the word! We have room for 100 people, and we especially encourage youth, elders, people of color, poor and working people, LGBTQ people, immigrants and other marginalized people to consider participating.

All of Us North Carolina:
Moving our people to vote “No!” like we’re building a justice movement
Sponsored by All of Us NC, Southerners On New Ground, Immigrants and Allies for Justice, NC Dream Team, Equality NC
Saturday, September 24th. 5-8pm
First Presbyterian Church ♦ 305 East Main Street ♦ Durham, NC 27701

People of all ages welcome. Wheelchair-accessible. Spanish-English interpretation available. Free & meaningful childcare.
5-6pm Dinner by Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, no charge, donations welcome.
6-8pm Participatory workshop (interested children welcome & childcare also available)
Contact or call us at 919-618-0442

Click here to download the “All Of Us North Carolina” flyer.