Watch the DREAM is Coming Action in Georgia beginning at 130pm.

Here is an e-mail about the action that went out earlier today.

The time to act has come, youth all around the state of Georgia will be converging on the state capitol for what was to be a simple coming out action, undocumented youth revealing their legal status. However, recognizing that just coming out might not be enough the students here are willing to escalate and risk not only arrest but also deportation.

In case of arrest we need bail money, donate $25 to DREAMer bail fund

Richie Zenteno may only be 16 but he is not afraid of taking a risk: “I am faced with an ample challenge. The same state that encouraged me to learn as a kid is depriving my attendance to Georgia’s top universities. Am I not good enough? I have the values, the character, and the aspirations of any American kid. The passage of HB 87 has brought the immigrant community in Georgia out of the shadows of anonymity. It has brought us closer and it has made us stronger. Yes, there is fear, but there is also the will to fight and together we will prevail.”

Donate $25 to Richie’s Bail Fund

The youth here are tired of empty promises and just words, they need to see action! As a community we are constantly under fire whether it is with new legislation being introduced or local policies that continue to put our families and our selves in harms way. There is something really powerful to taking the lead and standing up to those who think we need to be afraid of them. This action will be historic as it marks the first time undocumented high school youth are willing to take such a big risk. Support all six of them while they fight for all of our DREAMs.

The events of today can be seen via live stream, stand by for an update and the link!

Thank you,

Mohammad Abdollahi
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