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NC DREAM Team Urges Veto on HB 36
Legislators motivated by prejudice, not policy

Harassing a working population within the borders of our state will do nothing to benefit North Carolina residents. The economic livelihood of our state is tied to the freedom of everyone in it—not just citizens—to work freely and gainfully.

Governor Perdue should veto this bill. Short-sighted bills like HB 36 demonstrate why immigration is a federal prerogative—not one to be considered by the states. Legislators who support this bill are motivated by a prejudiced and tribalistic attitude rather than the desire to craft thoughtful legislation that matches the economic needs of our state.

“They are motivated by prejudice, not policy,” said Alicia Torres, a member of the NC DREAM Team. “They are either prejudice or grossly oversimplifying the issue.”

This bill will do nothing to improve the economic livelihood of our state and criminalize a class of people for doing nothing but attempting to live out their lives peacefully.

By voting against the DREAM Act, Senator Kay Hagan added her name to the list of Democrats who have betrayed immigration advocates. Unless Perdue would like to join her, she should veto HB 36.


The NC DREAM Team is an organization composed of undocumented immigrant youth and allies who are dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, community-led immigrant rights movement in North Carolina. We aim to help undocumented youth recognize their individual and collective power to activate their communities. We also aim to make them conscious of the broader struggle for social justice. We will escalate in our efforts to achieve a just reform that is acceptable to–and guided by–the voices of those directly affected by our broken immigration system.