On this very important day, International Workers’ Day, we hope you are thinking about what being a worker means to you. In this era of high unemployment, many of us are being reminded of the downside of the free-market system.

Join the May Day celebrations across the state. In Charlotte, Action NC has taken the lead in putting together a celebration at 1pm in Veterans’ Park. From their release:

Sunday, May 1st working families around Charlotte will come together to celebrate
our unsung heroes –teachers, construction workers, hotel workers, immigrant workers, public
employees, retail and service employees, etc. This year’s May Day celebration will be a true a
display of solidarity for the working class, centered around education, jobs, immigration reform,
action and progress.

In Asheville, Nuestro Centro is leading up a Marcha de Madres/Mother’s March for today at 230pm.

In Greensboro, Jobs With Justice will be holding a rally downtown at 5pm. Check here for more updates, as well as their Facebook page.