Recently on The State of Things with Frank Stasio, Viridiana pointed out to ALIPAC’s William Gheen that “there are no illegal alien lines at the grocery store”, countering his claim that undocumented immigrants do not pay taxes. That point was reinforced today by this article in the New York Daily News, which points out that undocumented immigrants paid $11.2 Billion last year alone, while General Electric, which earned $14 billion last year, paid exactly $0 in taxes. Aside from sales, excise and property taxes, the IRS issues undocumented immigrants 9-digit ITINs which allow the government to collect income tax from them.

The report comes from the Immigration Policy Center and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Read more on the report here.

According to Citizens for Tax Justice, “…the new IPC report serves as an important reminder that undocumented taxpayers make important financial contributions to the fiscal health of state and local governments.”

Well put.