We will be participating in several events associated with the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace all around the state this week. Today we will be in Charlotte, where we will be delivering a letter to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff demanding an end to deportations. Viridiana will be speaking, as well as Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who will be speaking later as part of his national tour pushing for immigration reform. Look here for a full schedule of events.

In the Triangle, a screening of Papers: The Movie will take place on Thursday, 5:45 p.m. at El Centro in Carrboro (104 Hwy 54 N). The documentary focuses on real-life stories of undocumented students in the U.S. and the challenges they face upon graduating high school. This event includes a panel discussion with undocumented students afterward.

More from Pilgrimage organizers:

“For the past 25 years people of conscience have walked during Holy Week throughout north Carolina to stand up for peace and justice and call attention to the issues that affect our entire state.

From the Organizers:

Join us this year as we demand:

• Humane and just immigration reform
• Fair trade agreements
• Justice for immigrant workers
• A swift end to raids and deportations

Please join us to promote justice and solidarity in our communities. Across the United States the deportation of immigrants is on the rise. In North Carolina, 8,000 undocumented immigrants are held in the Mecklenburg County Jail alone. Our immigrant brothers and sisters need our support now more than ever. We must reject the criminalization of immigrants and demand that policy makers fix a broken immigration system that bankrolls for-profit prisons. Secure communities are not punitive, but loving places. As people of faith and conscience, we must take prophetic action for justice. We urge you to participate in the Holy Week Walk across North Carolina.”