Rep. David Price supports the DREAM Act. Unfortunately, he also supports Secure Communities, a program under which DREAMers and their families could be deported. If you have time to go to Durham tonight and speak out against the program, you should.

While the program is billed as an anti-crime initiative, the program, along with 287(g), is utilized as a dragnet against immigrants with which police can hand over any undocumented immigrant they come in contact with. This has led to several victims of domestic violence receiving deportation orders after coming forward to the police. There are questions also about the capacity of some jurisdictions to handle the additional workload that S-Comm requires.

It was recently discovered that the Department of Homeland Security was being purposefully deceptive about the voluntary nature of the Secure Communities program. In other words, in the effort to increase enforcement, the Obama Administration has found it perfectly acceptable to lie to police about their responsibilities.

The town hall will be held from 7-8:30 PM at the Durham County Main Library, 300 North Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27701.