My name is Emanuel. I was born in Mexico. I came to the USA looking for a better life. I live with my mom, dad, brother. I have two sisters who now are married/engaged and live separately. I came to the USA for a better life. I was diagnosed with Hemophilia A which is a severe blood problem that makes me an easy target to bleed internally and get injure faster than a normal person. This disease is genetically, so basically there is no cure for it. I have to take a medicine which is called Factor 8 and is given by shots. My mother and father struggled in Mexico in order to keep me alive. The medicine is extremely expensive and even with the help of my aunt (mom’s sister) it was still not good enough to keep me alive.

My whole life in Mexico was spent in the hospital. My mother had to leave my older sister and brother alone at home and we had to travel all the way to Mexico City to get to the nearest hospital. My dad who worked in construction would only come home once in a week or two or less often and we never had the chance to be with him. His job was basically to get the money needed to survive but that was not even 1/4 of the amount that was needed. My mother was the only one that struggled to do everything. She had to keep my siblings and me in good health even though that was not the easy. My brother who is now 23 years old is handicapped. My brother was born with Autism and there is also no cure for that or a medical drug to cure it or treat it. My brother is also nonverbal meaning he cannot talk and it’s hard to communicate with someone that is Autistic and nonverbal. My other two sisters are the only ones born with no health defects. They both have a normal life but they both have seen the reality that my mom had to live. My parents talked about the reality of coming to America to get a better life for my brother and me. Thankfully everything came out fine and they were able to come here with no trouble.

My family actually attempted to come to the USA the legal way and my family got lots of help through my mom’s side. After spending thousands of pesos and making trips everywhere, we got rejected. I remember the people in the consulate telling my mom and aunts that “there was no need for us to go to the USA because all the help that we were going to get offered over there was in Mexico.” This seriously pissed me off so bad when I became a young adult, was when I started to comprehend and think about stuff. I have only very harmful words for those people that told us that. I cannot believe they would have told my mother that when they actually saw in what conditions we were in. So basically after getting rejected my parents talked about it and decided to come the illegal way to the USA. I got told that I was going to stay with my mom’s sister because at that time they only had money for my brother and them (mom and dad) to come here.

I remember that I got told that my aunt(who is a very affluent lady and I love her to death) was the one that was going to be bring me to the USA through an airplane because I would not survive crossing the border in the condition I was in. After two months of waiting, I was finally reunited with my family. The only person that did not come with us at that time was my sister, who eventually was brought a year later and it was not because we didn’t want to, the money was the only obstacle and we had no funds for it. My parents came and basically found jobs that paid them well and they were able to get a place for me and my brother to live in. We also got lots of help through my aunts. They have helped my parents a lot. They helped us get into a hospital and I started to get, basically needed it or else I would not be here right now typing this. My brother also started seeing a specialist that eventually helped my brother enroll in school for students with special needs and for him to get a medical attention which he needed.

I also got the chance to get my own three doctors that were specialized in my health condition and from them I eventually was able to get into programs that would help pay for my medicine which is extremely expensive. All of this through the help of an amazing lady who is one of the best social workers I have ever met in my life. Without them I would be basically in heaven or hell or just in the ground, decaying my body.

I was eventually able to attend school and I attended elementary and middle school, and I am currently a junior in high school. During elementary school, I was basically a normal student that had average grades and it was hard at times due to the lack of my English skills. I eventually learned English and as I went through elementary school, I was put in ESL classes and had one-on-one help through my teachers and they were able to give me a good education. Middle school comes and of course everything gets a little bit harder. In middle school I remember being placed in normal classes and then I decided to join Band. I did band my whole entire 6th grade year and also remember being the only straight A in my classes which lead me to get placed in AG classes in my 7th grade year. I was put in pre-Algebra which I did okay, but I wasn’t the best at it. I had trouble with math since I in 6th grade, I only had regular math, while everyone in the classroom had an advanced type of math. So they had the advantage of succeeding, but that did not stop me from not trying my hardest.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do so well in math which didn’t look good on my end of the year Algebra placement tests, which would have given me the chance to get a High school credit while being in the 8th grade. I eventually got put in normal classes again in the 8th grade and from there I eventually made straight A’s again and proved the teachers wrong. Those 3 years of middle school helped me learn and understand some new responsibilities. I also stuck with band for the entire 3 years and I’m still in band as a high school student; I’m proudly a C.A. Erwin High band member. My freshmen year in High school was extremely easy and all because I got placed wrong. I had regular classes with one Honor class and that was my Earth Science/Environmental Science. I basically passed every single class with an A and one of my teachers told me that I was placed in the wrong course, that I should have been put in Honors classes.

Eventually when I registered for my sophomore year, I got the chance to get put in Honor classes and also Band. I took the chance of taking two math’s my whole 10th grade year. I took honors geometry (1st sem.) and honors algebra (2nd sem.) and passed both with a solid A. Every class that I took, I passed with an A and only one B.

This year, I’m a junior. I am currently in AP Statistics, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors English 3 and Band. I have been doing okay grade wise, but I have been having trouble with my AP class, but I have to take more time into trying to understand the work/lessons that I get taught. So far, I am passing almost all of my classes ( 7 out of 8 classes) I am making decent grades. I have been thinking about college and I have come to the conclusion that I want to study at a nursing school or art school/photography school. I extremely enjoy and appreciate the arts as much as I like medical equipment and the concept in the medical field.

I still do not know whether I am going to attend college next fall( the fall of 2012) after I graduate high school(summer of 2012) due to the reason that I do not have the proper legal documentation to be able to study in this country. I have looked into studying in Mexico, but I fear that I will not be able to comprehend the language and understand my future career when taking classes in Spanish. I do not speak well and/or understand Spanish as well as I speak English. I just wish there was a law that would allow someone like me an exceptional bright student that has good morals and has an extremely good academic record, be able to attend college and be someone in life not like others who don’t have good morals whatsoever and are getting into college.

A huge portion of teachers that would write a recommendation letter for me, saying that I should be able to get into college. But it’s not worth it if you cannot get a document stating your degree of study due to the lack of not having a social security number. I also cannot have an average life as a teenager due to the lack that I cannot get a driver’s license and/or an I.D. I have been given the opportunity to go to a conference for the Medicine/Science in Washington D.C. but was not able to attend due to the lack of an I.D. to board the plane. This trip was paid for me, which was about $3,000, but it was just wasted money that could not get refunded and for me it was embarrassing to talk to the person that paid. I cannot believe how bad the government system has been to many people, especially young adults who have a such an intelligent mind that’s basically going to get ruined after high school just because of two papers that declare your identity. It’s sad to see how society has come to such a horrible population where hatred is everywhere and no chances are given. I believe the motto for this country to should not be “The land of Opportunities”, instead it should be the “Land of NO Opportunities” just because no one can achieve anything anymore. This is my story and here is just an intelligent mind that will disappear due to the lack of not having proper documentation. Blame the government for destroying the dreams of the future minds that will take control after this generation.