On Friday, a Cobb County Sheriff’s deputy in Georgia was found guilty on a total of seven counts, including sodomy, rape, false imprisonment and kidnapping of a 23-year-old undocumented woman. This bastard, Jason Bill, forced a young woman to commit sexual acts at gunpoint and under the threat of deportation. What gave him the power to make good on that threat? Oh, just an agreement called 287(g).

A little over a year ago in Charlotte, NC, another police officer named Marcus Jackson sexually assaulted six women, including a seventeen-year-old girl, before the boyfriend of one of the victims went to the police. How did the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department thank him for pointing out a disgrace to the uniform? They handed him over to ICE under 287(g).

And last year, Bedri Kulla, a former US Citizen and Immigration Services official, threatened to deport a 23-year-old woman from El Salvador who wouldn’t give him what he wanted: a sexual relationship. Kulla also attempted to contact three young female hunger strikers last summer in downtown Raleigh who chose to speak out for the DREAM Act.

Does this sound like the power you want the police in your community to have?