UPDATE: See below for contact numbers in different parts of NC if you want to come.

Join us on March 19

The fight has not ended just because the DREAM did not pass. The struggle continues. As the new General Assembly continues to introduce more anti-immigrant bills, we cannot afford to stay quiet and to live in fear. For many years, our voices have been silenced. We have been forced to hide our status in fear of unjust laws and while advocates and allies have spoken on our behalf. It is time to change.

It is time for those of us who are directly affected by these issues to stand up for ourselves and lead this movement. These are our lives–we cannot live in the shadows and in fear any longer! The NC DREAM Team is calling on all undocumented youth to come out of the shadows and into the streets.

It’s time for your voices–for our voices–to be heard. It’s time for us to stand up against the attacks on our families and our community. If you are not undocumented, we would also like to invite you to stand with us in solidarity. If you’re interested in sharing your story on March 19th, here is a helpful guide on how to do so. Also, please feel free to contact us directly at dreamteamnc@gmail.com


What we have done

Last year, three members of our team went on a 13-day hunger strike in Raleigh, NC, home to one of the country’s most prominent anti-immigrant organization, ALIPAC. By exposing their hardships and those of 51,000 of us in North Carolina, Sen. Kay Hagan (D) was forced to answer to us. Although it was not the answer we wanted (she was the 41st vote against the DREAM Act on Dec. 18, 2010), the youth of North Carolina were no longer afraid. Hagan now says she wants the DREAM Act as part of immigration reform–something she refused to tell us last year. Proving that our ganas to persevere were greater, youth from across North Carolina looked deportation in the face as we took to the streets for the first time and declared ourselves undocumented and unafraid! Despite the defeat of DREAM, we refuse to go back to the shadows!


Where we are now

The civil rights movement is far from over. Nearly 50 years after Jim Crow, communities of color are still stripped of their humanity. Specifically, the scapegoat of today’s social and economic woes is the undocumented community. As Juan Crow laws sweeps across the south, we–the undocumented youth of North Carolina and our communities–are under attack. Bills like HB11 deny us of our human right to an education! SB179 aims to copy Arizona’s SB1070, criminalizing human beings who seek only to provide for their families. These are our parents! These are our communities! Nuestra lucha sigue!

Join us on March 19. E-mail us at dreamteamnc@gmail.com if you want help coming out, or call us at these numbers:

Western NC – Loida (828) 280-9325
Charlotte area – Domenic (704) 281-9911
Triad – Fredd (336) 989-2797, Emily (336) 769-6428 or Victoria (919) 260-1232
Triangle – Jose Rico (919) 802-0508
Eastern NC – Viridiana (919) 704-0599