In a plea to lawmakers yesterday, the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC laments the “Democratic leadership in Raleigh” for not passing “comprehensive enforcement legislation”. That’s probably because Republicans control both the North Carolina House and Senate.

While ALIPAC’s release focuses entirely on legislation, it blames the Democratic governor, I guess. It never mentions her by name (I won’t either, since they didn’t).

North Carolina is having a hard time with its budget, and as ALIPAC points out, “lawmakers are aiming to make billions of dollars in cuts to the state budget which will have a dramatic impact on many North Carolina citizens including teachers, health care professionals, and state workers”. However, if they’re looking for lawmaking to happen, they ought to take it up with the Republicans who are currently in charge of putting forward legislation.

“Over thirty states have enacted significant immigration enforcement measures with comprehensive enforcement legislation passed in places like Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.” said William Gheen, probably quoting himself. “These states report gradual, humane, and significant declines in their illegal alien populations. North Carolina needs to follow their example. Those state’s [sic] are no longer paying billions in taxes for illegals.”

Totally humane. This was humane, too. So was this. Oh, yeah, and this? More power is exactly what police need.

Tax revenue is something states receive, not pay, and those states are receiving billions in revenue from undocumented immigrants. While ALIPAC admits that undocumented immigrants do pay some taxes (hey, credit where credit is due), “they collectively consume much more than they pay in tax resources through their use of food stamps, unemployment, welfare, educational resources, law enforcement resources [and] medicaid”. Except that the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA 96) requires proof of citizenship for public benefits, so undocumented immigrants don’t get any of those things. And while they leave out that (also since 1996) the Internal Revenue Service has been issuing Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to undocumented immigrants for the purpose of paying income tax, there’s no service that undocumented immigrants have not rightfully paid for.

Just to hammer things down, a 2007 study carried out by the White House Council of Economic Advisors determined that undocumented immigrants pay (on average) $80,000 more than they use in public services.

There’s some info to take to Raleigh.