After seeing Loida’s incredible speech from the HK on J rally this past weekend, it only seems right to show you more of this bold freedom fighter. Here is a video of Loida confronting Kay Hagan on January 15 of this year–the weekend of Martin Luther King Day–in Marion, NC.

You have to listen carefully, so Emily from our team has transcribed the video for you to follow along. Something important that comes up in this conversation is that Hagan commits to include the DREAM Act in comprehensive immigration reform, a commitment she was not willing to make to us all of last year. When we asked Hagan directly if she supported the DREAM Act as part of a broader reform, she said “that’s a good question.”

Hagan was one of a handful of Democrats last year that voted no against the DREAM Act, killing it in the lame duck session. With that in mind, enjoy listening to Loida make her defend her actions.

Loida (L): Senator Hagan, I hope you had a great Christmas because I didn’t and neither did the thousands of undocumented students in North Carolina.

Sen. Kay Hagan (H): I was in Afghanistan–

(L): Yeah. Your vote against the DREAM Act was a denial to our existence. It was a denial to my future…a denial to my dreams and the dreams of students who were waiting for you to do the right thing. And I hope that you remember this weekend in every single speech you give in honor of Martin Luther King that those are just empty words because on the one hand you are talking about honoring Martin Luther King but, on the other, you are denying our dreams. You are denying equal access to higher education.

(H): Let me tell you what I’m going to do–what I want to do. In 2011..this year..I’ve already spoken to Lindsey Graham who is from South Carolina…and Chuck Schumer who is a Democrat from New York. We’re working on a comprehensive immigration plan that would include a host of things, and the DREAM Act is included in that. And I want to work very hard…and as I’ve said this all along is to have this comprehensive…and get it so that we can get 60 votes to get it passed.

(L): You told me that last time I saw you in Chapel Hill at the Seymour Center. You said you were working with Chuck Schumer for a bill, some bill that you didn’t even know. You and I know those are just talking points.

(H): It’s not, it’s not. It is not.

(L): Sen. Hagan, you have done nothing for immigration reform and I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you. You’ve been telling us that throughout the years. This was the new first step and you denied that step.

(H): Well, I was just telling you I have a commitment, I have a commitment to seek to get the comprehensive done, immigration done in, hopefully in 2011.

(L): Well, I hope to see that.