The website for our new national affiliate, the the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, or NIYA, has just been launched.

We were previously affiliated with the United We DREAM Network, but we left after reaching an impasse over differences in our long-term visions and our desire to stay true to our grassroots ethos. We want to do what is best for North Carolina, and we feel that we have taken the best steps for our organization to do that.

(Note: on its website, the United We DREAM Network is using an image of the North Carolina hunger strike to advertise for its national conference despite the fact that we left the network several weeks ago. We are no longer part of their network and we are not attending their national conference. United We DREAM also did not play a role in organizing or supporting the strike and we were not affiliated with UWD at the time.)

Our partners in this new group are: | New York State Youth Leadership Council | Immigrant Youth Justice League (Chicago) | DREAMActivist Virginia | One Michigan | Inland Empire DREAM Team (California) | DREAMActivist Pennsylvania.

Please check out, and feel free to ask us any questions about the change, or if you want to join us.