By Alicia Torres

The Education Committee, which will see HB11 (the bill that would ban undocumented immigrants from attending public colleges and universities) will meet tomorrow, February 8 at 10am. Call everyone in this committee and let them know that as a North Carolinian you want to slam shut the doors on HB11, not aspiring youth.

Fax: 919-733-2599, 919-733-3113 , 919-715-5815


Chairman: Bryan Holloway (former educator) 919–733-5609

V. Chairman : Martha Alexander 919-733-5807

Marilyn Avila 919-733-5530

Tricia Cotham 919-715-0706

Mark Hilton 919-733-5988

Linda Johnson 919-733-5861

James Langdon (former educator) 919-733-5849

Marvin Lucas (former principal) 919-733-5775