A coalition of young people from across the state are convening today for the opening of the new legislature in defense of education and education rights. Various groups have come together to voice their protest against the crippling cuts to education the legislature—the most conservative legislature in over a century—is likely to make.

The NC DREAM Team will be there to support education access for all—including immigrant youth who do not have visas. The Internal Revenue Service issues 9-digit Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to immigrants without visas, which it and the NC Department of Revenue use to collect income tax. As resident taxpayers, immigrant youth without current visas should pay resident tuition rates.

“Though we are fighting to make a difference and improve conditions in the state for everyone, there are other youth in small towns that have no idea that they are not alone,” said NC DREAM Team member Viridiana Martinez. “There is a statewide support network they can connect with, in order to get better educated and mobilize on a grassroots level on their issues.”

WHERE: NC Legislature, 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601