The ALIPAC website is under the same siege it imagines the United States to be by the immigrants’ rights movement:

“Vicious illegal alien supporters have attacked the ALIPAC website two days in a row. It is clear they are trying to disrupt our operations at a critical time when our momentum is building rapidly in the states.

“It is also clear, from the vile comments posted numerous times on our website, that these illegal immigrant supporters wish to disrupt our current funds drive. […]

“We will not allow these underhanded and vile attackers to compromise your American freedoms and civil rights.”

If commenting is a way to “compromise your American freedoms and civil rights”, why does Gheen brag about getting his supporters to do the same thing?

If you’re wondering what all of this hubbub is about, one has to wonder if it has anything to do with us calling them out on calling for Congressional investigations into DHS over a memo falsely attributed to the organization. ALIPAC sent out its statement ten days after it was determined that the memo was wrongly attributed to DHS.

“We want to thank our volunteer moderator team for their rapid response that contained the attacks. The perpetrators were thwarted and all trace of their attacks were gone in a flash.”

Comments were left on the site…and deleted. Not exactly Antietam. Get over it, Gheen.

Just to clarify: no organized effort was made by us to leave comments on its site.