The following video was found on the Imagine2050 blog. It was put together by an Arizona-based group called the Human League:

The video details how intimate the relationship between Neo-Nazi leader JT Ready and Arizona Senate President and SB1070-author Russell Pearce.

Some of the highlights:

–Pearce ordained Ready as an Elder in the Mormon Church in 2006, which he describes as being done by a “father figure” or an “actual father” in the LDS church

–Ready claims he is a “bellwether” for Pearce to see how much resistance they will get from ADL, part of a “pincer strategy” by Pearce

–Pearce appears with Ready well after his Neo-Nazi activity is publicly exposed

–Pearce calls Neo-Nazi Ready a “true patriot”

–Ready displays intimate understanding of Pearce’s personal life

–Ready claims to have discussed race with Pearce, claims Pearce is a racist and anti-Semite