By Domenic Powell

North Carolinians [f]or Immigration Reform and Enforcement, or NCFIRE, have released their “Illegal Alien Crime Report” for the month of December 2010. The report is an apparently voluminous “32 pages of the most hienous [sic] crimes imaginable”. The report does not verify that all of the police reports and news stories included refer to undocumented immigrants.

Of those thirty-two pages of police reports and news stories, only five indicate immigration-related charges, meaning that NCFIRE may have just gone through and highlighted Spanish-sounding names rather than differentiate between Latinos and undocumented immigrants, let alone undocumented immigrants and anyone involved in organized crime or gang activity.

One of the police report excerpts, about the arrest of Jesse Hernandez Berry, notes that he has the word “Chicano” tattooed on his neck, an ethnonym usually reserved for US-born people of Mexican descent.

NCFIRE is led by James Johnson, who earlier this year published on VDARE, a website named after Virginia Dare, the first child born to English settlers in 1587 and whom VDARE’s Editor, Peter Brimelow, valorizes as a symbol of racial purity.

View the report here.