By Domenic Powell

Lots of folks new to Facebook and with an uncanny common interest in likely swing votes on the DREAM Act have been showing up in force against the bill on the Facebook wall of Senator Kay Hagan.

All of them, with the exception of Don, list their first interest as Senator George LeMieux. Sens. Mary Landrieu, Debbie Stabenow, Byron Dorgan and our own Kay Hagan appear repeatedly toward the end.

All of them also appear on the walls of other senators with the same messages, along with many other reappearing users with more personalized profiles.

The last names of the following have been removed in case the profiles bear any resemblance to actual voters, which…well, they won’t be voting for all of the senators they’ve been bothering, anyway.

UPDATE: here are some more. Since this post was circulated, posts from the bigoted birds of a feather above have diminished. Here are a few more with some similar features that are, however, still making the rounds, this time with at least profile pictures:

UPDATE: more