By Domenic Powell

Right now a few members of our team are in Washington making one last attempt to convince Senator Hagan to vote for this iteration of the DREAM Act. During a chance encounter yesterday, Hagan said that she still supports “comprehensive immigration reform” and this is what discourages her from supporting the DREAM Act.

Last night, a desire for greater reform did not stop Rep. Luis Gutierrez from taking the floor in support of the DREAM Act, and there’s no reason why it should stop Senator Hagan today. The House delivered the bill 216 to 198. When asked plainly if she believed the DREAM Act was part of comprehensive reform, she couldn’t answer.

Hagan is not defending a principle—she is clinging to a failed strategy. The Democrats have lost their opportunity to pass “comprehensive immigration reform,” whatever it may have been. Whatever may come in the near future will not be what has in the past. Her insistence on this strategy today is her insistence on failing as an advocate.

“Comprehensive” has become a poison pill in the political dialogue. Anyone who hears it knows it as a cheap synonym for “big” and not as something thoughtful, successful or complete. Would the Civil Rights Act of 1964 be considered “comprehensive rights reform?” Would the Nineteenth Amendment have been considered “comprehensive women’s rights reform?” It took much more after these laws—mammoth in comparison to the DREAM Act—to move America toward greater enfranchisement.

Hagan will prove her sincerity to the cause of immigrants in the coming hours. She will prove herself to be an ally or an obstacle today. Answering this call has not been difficult for others—her Democratic colleagues Reps. Butterfield, Etheridge, Miller, Price and Watt all voted yes. After calling Hagan today, call and thank them.

Today may be the day. 1-866-587-3023

On Tuesday, according to United We DREAM, 19,000 calls were generated in support of the DREAM Act. Yesterday, that grew to 40,000 calls. Today we are hoping to generate 100,000 calls nationwide in support. That means we need you, and everyone you know.