We are very proud to be recipients of this year’s Citizen Award from the Triangle’s Independent Weekly.

Only a few months ago, Loida, Rosario and Viridiana were starving themselves and sleeping in tents in downtown Raleigh during some of the hottest weeks of the year. It was hard, worrisome and at times dangerous for everyone.

We grew as a team then—working together, staying together overnight and during the day, building what would become a group that could fight anywhere and everywhere—in NC, in D.C. and online.

We’ve continued to grow—in both size and reach—and in so doing we have become stronger advocates for the DREAM Act and greater immigrant rights. As we’ve grown, we have found new partners in justice across the state, and we would not be able to do the work we have without them.

The people of North Carolina have a proud legacy of civil rights to remember and to which to turn for guidance in times of need. We have done so often in our short existence. Our day, however, is the turn of a page, a new chapter—we are moving from civil rights to human rights. To make that change we must think more broadly, be more daring, creative and willing to reach out to those who may not have thought to reach out to us.

We are very new to this, which may seem like a weakness but it is also part of our strength. In a year’s time we hope to be that much stronger, and we will be so long as you are still here with us.

We extend a very special thank you to our community, our fellow winners, to the Independent Weekly and to all of those who have come before us.



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