by Justin Valas

What started for us a short time ago, but years ago for many others, is finally starting to bear fruit! Today Senator Harry Reid announced that he will be attaching the DREAM Act as well as a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to the upcoming defense authorization bill next week. This is great news for all of us who have worked hard to advance the cause of justice to this stage, and the names of those who have given their time, money, efforts, talents, and well-being to this cause are too many to name.

While it’s not yet time to rest, there is still much work ahead, we just wanted to share this exciting development. As we move closer to a vote, please take a moment each day to call 1-888-254-5087, ask for Senator Kay Hagan, and tell her that North Carolina is ready and waiting for her to support the DREAM Act and make our state and country even stronger. You can also see a sample script and other Senators to call if you can commit  a few more minutes of your day, from our friends at DREAM Activist.

Here’s a video of Senator Reid’s announcement: