By Domenic Powell

We did it! Read all about it here in the Greensboro News and Record. The first few lines say enough:

GREENSBORO — Young immigrants marched with signs and a drum corps to the Greensboro IRS office to make it loud and clear that they oppose the federal government policy they say deports undocumented immigrants while simultaneously taxing them.

Nearly 40 marchers, some wearing graduation caps from their N.C. high schools, said the government deports undocumented immigrants while demanding that they pay income tax using IRS-issued Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs).

“We want to say no to the tax and deport federal policy, which is what’s happening right now,” said march organizer Viridiana Martinez, holding her tax ID number card in her hand. “It’s like ‘OK. We need you to come work. But when we’re done with you, we’re deporting you.'”

WXII 12: Video

There will be more photos, press, thoughts and insight to come. Stay tuned!