By Domenic Powell

Naturally, we’re happy that Ivan Nikolov was released from jail. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided his home and arrested him for missing his court date as a twelve-year-old. I wish my tax dollars went to something better than funding some sort of f*cked up Mr. Grinch, but that’s besides the point.

The anti-immigrant crowd claims to not be—well, anti-immigrant—by saying that the issue is following the law and not about the race or country of origin of some particular immigrants. For the discerning type, the Nikolov case presents a chance to test the “nation of laws” hypothesis.

Ivan is Russian, white and pretty Americanized. Despite his face showing up on Fox, he is probably going to walk around Dearborn, Michigan for the time being without anyone suspecting that he is undocumented. But let’s see how the commentariat decided to weigh-in on the issue.

Before I show you these screen shots, I’ll concede to the critics that finding bigoted comments on is as easy as finding bigoted comments on But the point is that of 30 comments (some of which are double-clicks) on a story about a Russian DREAM Act-eligible student, five unique comments are anti-Hispanic (30 comments at time of writing).

Enjoy, or don’t (but click to enlarge):

The motocross illegals? Is that how they get across the desert?

Last I checked we didn’t have a single-payer healthcare system. This is the kind of nonsense they are hyping over there at Civitas.

I think this person forgot whether to be angry about Obama’s birth certificate or about Mexicans. I guess it doesn’t really matter for some folks.

The Obama Administration hopes to deport four-hundred thousand people a year—a record—and they’re going to have to deport everyone they can, whether their last name is Rivera, Gonzales or Nabeel. However, if your name is Rivera or Gonzales and you happen to be from Cuba, all you have to do is get here under the Wet-Foot, Dry-Foot Policy.

Jerk. You make us Southerners look bad.

After all of that nonsense, here’s a little diversity in the xenophobia. I also didn’t realize the anti-immigrant crowd was so concerned about defending the Nanny-State for itself.

That was fun. Welcome home, Ivan—we’re glad to have you back in our nation of laws. And to all you twelve-year-olds: don’t miss your court dates.