By Domenic Powell

Deroy Murdock had a column today on the conservative website Human Events that discussed the Obama Administration’s addiction to “Other People’s Money.”

While not giving an opinion on government expenditures or taxes, the addiction to “O.P.M.” is not anything unique to the Obama Administration with respect to undocumented immigrants.

Since 1996, the Internal Revenue Service has collected income tax from undocumented immigrants using Individual Tax Identification Numbers. It’s a nine-digit number that looks, smells and acts like a Social Security Number, but isn’t. Through this process, undocumented immigrants contribute about seven billion dollars a year to Social Security.

The IRS policy began under President Clinton, but President Bush didn’t stop it. 1996 would have been the 104th Congress, which was, err, Republican, and they didn’t seem to have any qualms about it either.

Here the “other people” in O.P.M. takes on a whole other meaning. Tax with one hand, deport with another. Is anyone in the TEA Party getting deported?