Release meant to dismiss criticism, false accusations of use of taxpayer dollars

Raleigh, NC—in response to widespread assumption that Loida Ginocchio-Silva will not pay her hospital bill, Silva has decided to release copies of her bill from WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh. The total cost of the visit was $4135.78.

“I’m sick of the comments,” Silva said, in reference to online comments on news sites that falsely claimed taxpayers would pay for her hospital visit. “I am paying this bill with my own money and with the help of friends and family.”

During the hunger strike, Loida fell ill with symptoms of heat stroke and dehydration. She was immediately taken to the hospital.

Silva, as an undocumented immigrant, would still share in any tax burden caused by her visit. Undocumented immigrants are given an Individual Tax Identification Number, or ITIN, by the Internal Revenue Service in order to pay income tax. Additionally, undocumented immigrants pay the same sales and property taxes that all Americans pay.

On Sunday, August 15, Silva held a fundraiser dinner at a home in Chapel Hill, NC to assist her in paying the bill. Without health insurance, the burden of the bill is especially high. Silva is also about to begin school at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, making the bill difficult to pay alone.

The bills included with this release amount to $3985.78, $150.00 short of the total. The difference reflects a lab bill not included with these scans. Any personal account information has been redacted.

The bills are included in .jpg format here: