To our faithful readers and friends:

Over the past few months, those of us in the NC DREAM Team have grown closer and have become an effective team. We’re proud of what we have accomplished so far and look forward to everything that is yet to come.

As the sole blogger for the team, I’ve had the pleasure of being our voice on the Internet. But behind that privilege has been the concern that, in a team whose purpose is to uplift the voices of those who are silenced, why is a citizen ally the one whose voice is so public?

With that in mind, I will no longer be the sole blogger on this site. Our working model developed during the hunger strike, and while it works well, we now have more flexibility to operate in a way which we see as ideal.

While our brave three were famished under a summer sun for thirteen days, it would have been too much to ask them to sit in front of a computer and muse upon the state of immigration reform or crank out their own press releases. That was my job. I could go home and sleep in the air conditioning.

I’m proud to have helped the way I have. I have acted within the wishes of my teammates and within the boundaries of their trust, so the impetus for adding their voices to this site comes from a desire to achieve what we hope to attain in society within our own organization. How often to allies temporarily forget, as Rep. Luis Gutierrez clearly did, that this movement belongs to the undocumented and should be led by them? The blogosphere is no different. In fact, as a new but quite preeminent frontier, the necessity for the voices of the undocumented online cannot be understated.

What will develop from this change will be a new and exciting turn of events for us as a team and we hope for the movement overall. We are not only giving you a more in-depth understanding of what we do and who we are, but we are sharing our vision for this movement. It should be interpreted as a call to action. For the undocumented, the Internet can serve as a first step out of the shadows and into the light—toward being, as we often say: undocumented and unafraid. We hope that these voices take flight across this country and demonstrate their humanity, their power and their eloquence.

I will continue to post on this blog for the rest of this month, at the end of which I will be gone for several weeks to learn about organic farming in Portugal. In the meantime, some very powerful voices will share their stories with you all. The photographers, Esteban and Justin, will post their own photos along with their own thoughts. The strikers will share their stories with you without my acting as an intermediary. Along with the addition of these voices come a few cosmetic changes to the site, including a more readable theme and access to letters, press releases and other ways to support the DREAM Act and immigration reform.

It has been incredible to have been a part of this team. I will still be a part of it when I return, and there is much to do before I am gone. But there is a change in the wind, a welcomed one, and we hope that you stay with us to see where it carries us. We know where it goes: onward, to victory.

Vamos, DREAM Team!

With love,

Domenic Powell