Photo by Justin Valas

As we zig-zag across the state speaking out for the DREAM Act, people who were once strangers have opened up their homes, wallets and refrigerators to help us keep going. We’ve needed that support.
We have found allies along the way. But more importantly, we’ve found new friends.

Thus we came to meet Cakalak Thunder, a Greensboro-based group of activists, musicians and everything in between. After hearing about us on the news, they reached out to help in any way they could.

J. Valas

So yesterday we arrived to find a program put on for us, called “Keep the DREAM Alive. They collected donations for us; made patches, t-shirts and bandanas; and shared their music, poetry and art. Our hearts were warmed, to say the least.

Aside from Cakalak Thunder, we also listened to Jonathan Santos’ music and spoken word. Laila from Cakalak also sang several songs and played guitar for us.

“Apathy is a form of violence,” she reminded the crowd. We all took those words home.


How is a movement set in motion? How does it keep moving?

The answer is simple: by the power of people, which is the power of love.