After the march in DC, it was clear that what was once an idea had become a movement. But driving that movement was the community that had been created around it.

DREAMers come from every state. They took action in every part of the country: Arizona; New York; North Carolina; and the list keeps growing.

From these simple beginnings, these voices have coalesced into a chorus. More are taking action, and the strategy is paying off.

While we were in DC, one of the groups we spent the most time with was Orange County DREAM Team. We even talked about seeing them.

“Cuando quieran” they told us—whenever we want. Their homes were open to us, and they knew the same was true for them.

The California team returned with work to do. On July 21, The DREAM is Coming pitched tents on the sidewalk of Santa Monica Boulevard and began a hunger strike in front of Senator Diane Feinstein’s (D-California) office. They are now approaching Day 14.

You may ask: why senator Feinstein? Doesn’t she already support the bill? Supposedly. But Feinstein is tough to predict on immigration issues.

First of all, she doesn’t even list immigration reform as a priority on her website. Second, Feinstein went all the way from opposing the AgJobs bill to introducing it a few years later. Its author, Larry E. Craig (R-Idaho), whom Feinstein previously had harshly criticized for the bill, was out of the picture for accusations of sexual misconduct.

Her office called the strike “misguided” and said they need to “think of the bigger picture.” Feinstein, as a Democrat, assumes immigrant support for her is a given. Her AgJobs flip-flop is not forgotten, and DREAMers will work for Republicans who work for them. And they should.

Immigration reform belongs to neither party, but inaction belongs to both. The guilt of millions of young lives on hold belongs to both. That is the “bigger picture,” senator Feinstein.

Adelante, California! We are with you.

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