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Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) had a few words with some of the students during the sit-in that we hope he regrets.

Gutierrez has come to bat for “comprehensive immigration reform,” one of Washington’s favorite buzzwords.

See, for politicians, saying you support “CIR” gets all the grassroots supporters to work on your campaign without them actually having to commit to anything. Sound familiar? It should, because last year Democrats were getting everyone fired up for “comprehensive health care reform.” If the memory made you wince, then we’ve already made our point.

To his credit, Gutierrez actually introduced a bill. But we know Gutierrez wants to be a Senator, and being the “CIR” guy in the senate might help him get there.

Immigration activists aren’t looking at health care reform as any sort of model for getting things done. It sucked all of the enthusiasm out of the issue that was once strongly supported.

A few things he says toward the end are particularly troubling. Gutierrez tells the students that “We disagree with you in your analysis of the present moment.” Who “we” might be we may never know, but they definitely disapprove.

“We once had a united movement for comprehensive immigration reform. Now we don’t have a united movement, and that is costing us…that is detrimental.”

He then goes on to guilt the undocumented students with the statistic of “1000 deportations every day,” seeming to forget that they and their families, not him, live with the threat of deportation every day.

What Gutierrez misunderstands is that he is not the movement. These students are. It’s great that he brought the Congressional Hispanic Caucus together for a meeting, but these students advanced the cause.

These students and their families are the ones whose lives depend on this legislation, and that will keep the movement united. What won’t keep it united are politicians holding it hostage for political gain. The minute the DREAM Act passes, all of these young activists who have cut their teeth in their own fight will come back to fight for their families, and whatever other cause they have to fight for along the way.

Rep. Gutierrez can now be sure that their strategy is working better than his. If the present moment is ripe for anything it is the DREAM Act, not nine more years of Washington games.