In good faith, we have written letters to Senator Burr, hoping that his heart may grow three sizes one day and support the DREAM Act.

In the letter above (click the image or here to see it full-size), you’ll notice something curious if you are familiar with the DREAM Act. In the third paragraph, Burr (or one of his handlers) writes:

“The DREAM Act would repeal a federal law that prohibits any state from offering in-state tuition to illegal immigrants unless the state also offers in-state tuition rates to all U.S. citizens.”

The DREAM Act does no such thing. What it does do is return the states’ right to determine tuition rates for themselves. Of course, we want states to offer in-state tuition, but if a state doesn’t want to attract thousands of would-be college-educated professionals and service members, no one is going to force them.

This is a common distraction thrown out by opponents of the DREAM Act, but the truth is that states will still be able to deny undocumented immigrants in-state tuition if they so choose. The John W. Pope Civitas Institute promotes this nonsense, but it’s outright wrong. The DREAM Act actually upholds states’ rights, leaving it to them to make the right decision.

Where does this garbage come from? The report quoted by Civitas was written by Kris Kobach, a popular anti-immigrant lawyer who is currently running for Kansas Secretary of State. Kobach also drafted, along with Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce, Arizona’s controversial SB1070 law and oversaw the first two implementations of 287(g) under Attorney General John Ashcroft.

I wonder how many neo-Nazi rallies Pearce went to during the drafting process. Did Kobach ever question the fact that his co-author is “arm-in-arm” with people that believe in race war?

Next time, we hope Senator Burr takes a little more time to find out where he gets his information.