The hunger strike, and the DREAM Act in general, is now getting editorial coverage.

While we’ve mentioned Doug Clark‘s blog coverage before, the Greensboro News and Record decided to drive the point home last week using almost the exact same language in an editorial as their editor did on his blog.

A supporter wrote a letter to the editor criticizing the N-R for not dealing with the DREAM Act on its merits. Thank you, Rachel Craft.

There is, however, some good news. After following up with its regular coverage of the strike and highlighting the fact that Obama favored the DREAM Act in his immigration speech (here, here, here and here), the paper published an editorial asking its readers to not allow the DREAM Act to be ignored. While they did not come out in support of the bill, they did address the fact that the state has already invested millions in educating undocumented youth.

One way or another we’re glad we’re getting people talking, but now we need you to act. Have you called Kay Hagan today? (919) 856-4630.