The DREAM Team has long held that the plight of the immigrant is a moral crisis that this country must see through. With Congress at a stalemate, we are reaching out to the faith community for help.

While still easing out of the strike, the three strikers and their support team were invited by the United Church of Chapel Hill to tell their stories and to speak about immigration reform and the DREAM Act.

A few familiar faces were in the audience. Some members of the congregation also attended the Orange County Democratic Women’s monthly meeting (discussed here). Just because this was the second time for some, they weren’t any less moved.

Dozens came forward to express their support. By the end of the service, dozens of letters urging Kay Hagan to support the DREAM Act were destined for Hagan’s office.

This is a movement. it is growing and it will succeed. This is not an issue that will fade away with the ebb and flow of election years; it is a movement led by people whose lives depend on their victory. There are millions of people raising their voice–many of whom for the first time–urging others to witness for justice.

Today, more stood up for what is right. Even more will tomorrow.

Photos by Justin Valas via Flickr