Thank you for everyone who came to show their support. It meant everything to us.

Over the past two weeks, what has nourished these three has been their friends, family and the community of supporters who given countless hours to the cause.

Later today we will be posting an official statement about bringing the strike to a close, so please keep checking back.

A few more articles and wire stories came out about Loida and the strike, including the Associated Press, Chicago Now and the Daily Tar Heel. Eyewitness News 9, ABC 11, Raleigh Public Record, The Independent Weekly and the Raleigh News and Observer have also published stories about the end of the strike.

We had plenty of music last night, first by Tio Rocandrolero who played our last vigil, and also by Enrique who played a song he wrote himself. Here we saw what it means to be bi-cultural; to have feet in two worlds. He sang a traditional song, but with new words, changed now to be both English and Spanish. Everyone in the audience was touched, no matter what language they grew up speaking.

Rosario and Viri led everyone in the candlelight service, which was even more inspiring than the last. Loida kept up with the events by webcam.

After a long night of friends and fellowship, we packed up the place that had become in many ways a home; it is a place now where friends were made and dreams were nurtured. We packed up the tents, took everyone home and prepared for a new day.

Like anyone who goes to the hospital, Loida is paying her own bill. For anyone concerned about her and would like to make a donation to help pay for her hospital bill, you can do so by card or PayPal here.

Photos by Esteban Ginocchio